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easyFORrolling©️ 3er•BUNDLE•

easyFORrolling©️ 3er•BUNDLE•

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15er pack easyFORrolling©️by_ FilterOnpapeRs®️


3er•BUNDLE containing:

•  15 x Leaves of easyFORrolling©️integrated filterTIP

1 x Rolling map

2 x Organic🌾sticker‘s

Introducing easyFORrolling©️ by_FilterOnpapeRs®️
A one-of-a-kind innovation in the world of rolling papers. This revolutionary product combines two essential components - the roll-your-own leaf and the filter-tip  all in one convenient package.


With FilterOnpapeRs®️, you no longer need to go through separately attaching the filter-tip to your paper. Now, you can effortlessly roll up your perfect doobie with just a single task. Experience FilterOnpapeRs®️ the ultimate convenience by easyFORrolling©️!


• Integrated filters giving you the easyFORrolling©️- effect and a enhanced smoking experience

• All-natural papers with food-grade gum emphasizing on sustainability

• Biodegradable packaging reducing environmental footprint

• Choice of unbleached H@MP-paper or tasteless, slow-burning RICE-paper

• Up coming B2B-whitelabel version in progress.




Since its a handcrafted productbundle allow us to calculate up to 5. Businessdays! (ex.-delivery)

Currently are all FilterOnpapeRs®️ yet - custom manufactured. Have understanding that the following process takes its time. Once your FilterOnpapeRs®️ have been crafted and arrived, you get the final tracking-code by email.

So you‘ll have FilterOnpapeRs®️ delivered approximately within 3-9 days at your - doorstep. (depending on your country of residence)

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