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  • FilterOnpapeR®️ offers you the easyFORrolling©️ - solution!
  •  Whereas the filter-TIP is already on the paper.
  • PRE-ORDER now to get your hands on our first batch. And dont forget to SIGN-UP to be on top of the limited first batch list!

    • We like you to PRE-ORDER your FilterOnpapeRs®️ and help reaching our target, getting our first batch into the production-cycle within the next few weeks unto NewYears.

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FilterOnpapeRs®️ pre-orders are goods that must be made as a Custom-Order, but will be released at a future date.

Pre-ordering offers you exclusive access to FilterOnpapeRs®️ at the earliest time our invention is available.

Your pre-order helps FilterOnpapeRs®️ very-first release to grow.

And you are supporting our efforts to create and realize unique & sustainable - Cannaproducts!

Your pre-order makes you part of the innovation process, in the role of a proactive participant in the FilterOnpapeRs®️ Brandcommunity!


Your team - FilterOnpapeRs®️

What‘s happening after my purchase?

FilterOnpapeRs®️ collects all orders within the duration of this very Pre-Order campaign. And hand them over to our sourcing & manufacturing partners. (in chunks)You will be regularly informed about the Fulfillment status by email.

Since all FilterOnpapeRs
®️ are yet - custom manufactured, have understanding that the following process takes 6-9 businessweeks. (After having placed your Preorder & duration of campaign)

Once your FilterOnpapeRs®️ have been made and arrived, you get the final trackingcode - email.
So you‘ll have it delivered approximately within 3-9 days at your - doorstep.
(depending on your country of residence)

How will i be informed about the status of my order?

You get your order confirmation-email & receipt of your Pre-Order right after completing FilterOnpapeRs®️ checkout.

When will you charge me for my order?

To secure your FilterOnpapeRs®️at our production partner, you‘ll get charged directly after purchase.

My Pre-order release date has moved to another week/ month, whats going on?

Release dates are subject to our supplier(s).
Fulfillment times may eventually vary a-bit, due to production-traffic at FilterOnpapeRs®️ sourcing- manufacturer and  possible supply-chain issues.
(since Covid is still a reality in some parts of the world)

Can i cancel my Pre-Order?

Because of your - FilterOnpapeRs®️ are ‚in the making‘ each custom order being placed at the time of your purchase individually, will there be no - refund/‚cancellation‘ possible.

ADVANTAGES of FilterOnpapeRs®️

FilterOnpapeRs®️ makes your roll easy and supports your consumption in a more relaxed way.
FilterOnpapeRs®️ combines two items within a single product.

FilterOnpapeRs®️offers a  multitude of advantages for advanced-rollers, but for the unexperienced in particular.

For example makes this two-in-one invention the handling of the roll itself much easier.

Instead of balancing two single components does FilterOnpapeRs®️ prevent unwanted folding and knitting at the paper during the rolling process.

FilterOnpapeRs®️ enables any type of roller to manage a satisfying result, pretty much from the very beginning.

FilterOnpapeRs®️ is easy to use and your highly functional - alternative that helps with its low carbon footprint and high efficiency in producing less waist or artificial flavors for you to enjoy.
This top-notch quality product contains no added preservatives or chemicals.